Monday, July 21, 2008

Factoid with wings

I'm busy working away on another new Scratch and Sketch book for my friends at Peter Pauper Press. The topic is Butterflies and Friends, and I came across this interesting fact...dragonfles can fly up to 30 miles and hour! Yikes! If you see one near lakes or streams or rivers this summer, take a close look at their delicate wings. So pretty!

Thanks to all who came out for last night's signing at the new Borders in Wareham, MA. It's a great store, and a terrific place to beat the heatwave!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Three Waves...

They say that waves come in a series of three. When entering the surf, count three big waves, then wait for the calm...that's the best time to enter the surf! If a wave looks like it's going to get you, dive under it. You're less likely to be tumbled! Make sure a grown up is with you!

P.S. That's my little nephew, Jake...he's the cutest thing I've seen this summer! We introduced him to his first wave over the holiday weekend!