Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elmo's World

To some this may be known as a redwood forest, more specifically, Muir Woods (North of San Francisco), but to my husband and I, we will always think of it as "Elmo's World".  To get everyone in the family on board and enthusiastic about my books, I have always included them on the research/traveling part.  Looking forward to a trip and traveling makes the endless hours of mom/wife writing and painting more tolerable (the fact that this is actually my job doesn't tend to enter the equation... they view that part as the dreaded four letter word "work" which takes away from my time being a personal, unpaid servant).  As we strolled the awe- inspiring, tranquil redwood forest of Muir Woods taking pictures for my book, "Journey Around San Francisco from A to Z", my husband and I were serenaded by our toddler singing as loud as she could, "BA BA- BA BA, ELMO'S WORLD!"  All in a days work...  On our two week research trip we came home with 1,500 photographs.  Now in the digital camera age, I have learned to take notes with my camera least I become distracted by one of my young research assistants... I photograph information plaques that I want to remember or read with less distraction at a later date.   Do you have "Elmo's World" stuck in your head now?  I do.  I may have to go watch a rerun for old time sake!

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