Saturday, July 18, 2009

'Tis the Season

What a great time I've had on my virtual (blog/dream/I wish) vacation to Nantucket!  Such a pleasant escape from the 87 loads of laundry I have waiting for me compliments  of children and husband out of school with not much better to do than wear things and throw them on the floor, but I digress...  back to Nantucket.  It's not too early to start making reservations for the annual Nantucket Stroll held the first weekend in December.  What a perfect place to jump start your holiday shopping!  Check out the details on the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce website.  How about a copy of "Journey Around Nantucket from A to Z" for everyone on your list?  The perfect way to learn more about this lovely island and remember your vacation!  

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Roooooooooooooth said...

Hi Martha!
Love journeyaround!
Delightful! Smart! Fun!!
Keep writing.