Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Anyone?

After three weeks of cleaning up after children and husband who are all out of school for the summer (and providing sherpa, chef, laundry, taxi, and referee services on the side), I've decided it's time for a vacation since I'm not getting anything done anyway.  How about Nantucket?  Well, if I can't actually go, at least I can pretend I'm there... can't I?  Pack up your Nantucket Reds and join me this week on a blog vacation to Nantucket!  

Fun Factoid...  Native American Wampanoags, Nantucket's first inhabitants, gave the island its name which means "faraway land".  Many island locations have maintained their native names:  Monomoy- "Black Soil" and "Siasconset- "Place of Bones".

Bon voyage!

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