Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Make a Wish

Ok, so technically, that's a comet in the picture, but I think we can wish on it anyway.  This week, I'm wishing for a Nantucket vacation, please join me!   Today I think it would be fun to take the kids to explore some of the Maria Mitchell sites.  She was such an inspiration... at a time when many women didn't have many choices other than to be wives and mothers, she became an astronomer, educator, and the Atheneum's first librarian.  In 1847, she discovered a comet and was awarded a gold medal by the king of Denmark!  Let's have some fun exploring her house, an aquarium, and two observatories that are operated by the Maria Mitchell Association (see link above).  There are many fun programs for kids offered.  Also check out Nantucket's library, the Atheneum.  Such a grand building derserves a grand name! I love the original children's book art from various Nantucket books in the children's room. While you're there, kids can join the summer reading program and you pick up a relaxing book for yourself!

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