Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chop Chop

When it comes to submitting your hard work to a publisher, the important thing is to keep an open mind.  When I first began working on my soon to be released, "Hello, Boston!" and "Hello, Cape Cod!", I had in mind a childrens book that would be about 9x9 inches.  I envisioned it having the standard count (for children's books) of 32 pages.  This translates to about 14 "spreads" give or take a few title/copyright/dedication pages and my writing reflected this.  My publisher, however, decided it would make a great board book with 8 spreads (there isn't an industry standard page count for boardbooks).  They thought it would sell better as a board book and they had recently published a couple of books in the 9x9 size about these locations.  I had written @ 14 verses and now had to cut them down to 8. Chop Chop.  I had also envisioned the illustrations having a white border around them.  They thought they would look better "bleeding" off the page.  Working together, we were able to work with this to create a finshed book that was better than anyone person could have created alone. Above is an illustration for "Hello, Boston!" that shows the white border.  I loved allowing aspects of the illustration to "break the border", but in the end, the bleeds look better.... I went back to the drawing board and made it a full "spread" (a picture that continues from left to right".

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