Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fast Forward

This morning, I'll fast forward two months from yesterday's post.  After a lovely summer playing with my daughters and illustrating a couple of scratch and sketch books for Peter Pauper Press, it was time for school to start and... for the ducks to begin their journey.  After leaving them percolating over the summer, I came back to them and decided that I still wasn't satisfied.  I wanted more of a waddle in the baby ducks step and I wanted him even brighter so I began to experiment.  I made him chubbier, perked up his tail, and switched from using watercolors to guache on heavy weight bristol board.  Finally, I had the look I was aiming for!  As with wine, some things just get better if you leave them alone and wait awhile.  (I keep trying to apply this theory to the MESS in my house, but, alas, it doesn't seem to be working AND it appears that the clean-up fairy is on vacation... again!)

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