Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Procrastination, Projects, and Preoccupation!

Ok, now I'll fast forward five years from yesterday's post to last spring.  My "Journey Around" series had continued successfully with the additions of Chicago, Philadelphia, and Maine, but after I finished "Journey Around Nantucket from A to Z" last spring (the 9th in the series), I was up for a new and challenging project.  (I crave projects and don't function well when I don't have one).  So, I sent the girls off to school and moped (as in sulked, not mop in case there would be any confusion!) around the house, and then I became inspired!  I would make a quilt for my soon to be nephew Jake!  I love crazy quilts and I love to embroider, so I got a bag of my dad's old flannel shirts from my mom and set to work.  My dad died several years ago and had watched my oldest daughter's baby quilt being made so I felt that this would be a great way to include my dad in the birth of his first grandson and a way for him to hug him even if his arms couldn't.  This was a wonderful, almost sinful, and perfect distraction from the fact that this new project I craved would also have to make some money!  But, in order to justify such distractions and procrastinations, I will say that these new challenges I set for myself do in the end bring me to a point where my "paid" work is stronger!  I'm all for such preoccupations!  In fact, I'm a master, look at the detail!

In the meantime, the seal DID wear the costume ( a major accomplishment) and the beach lady suddenly transformed herself back into a Wampanoag at 6:45 am (I am hoping the costume won't fall apart) and were all set for Theme Day Parade!

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