Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring Resolution!

Ok, late spring resolution- I will update this blog (more than annually, I hope)!  The fact that my computer makes a strange whirring noise when I over tax it doesn't help my blogophobia, but I will just have to turn up the radio and journey on!

Since this time last year, I have been busy reinventing the wheel, creating a new series of "Journey"-like books for younger readers.  In a few weeks, "Hello, Boston!" and "Hello, Cape Cod!"  will be out in stores.  They are board books geared towards younger journey fans and hopefully the start of a new series.  They are bright, cheerful, lots of fun and feature the old friends from my "Journey Around" books (Boston, a mallard duck and Cape Cod, a seagull) and a little bird who have a fun day exploring!

This past winter I taught a children's book illustration course at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and my students were all very interested in the process of how a book comes to be as they were all working on their own individual projects and ideas.  In the next few weeks before the new "Hello!"  books ship, I will (try) to post the process that I undertook to create this new series.  

In the meantime, I will try to design a Wampanoag and a seal costume for my daughters (9) and (6) to wear for their end of the year Theme (this year Cape Cod) Day Parade and help to construct a "Roof de Catter" (Simple Machine Project- oldest daughter) which I'm actually hoping she'll market because we are having quite a problem with our cat ripping the upstairs screens when she wants to get in.  The other night, I thought she was out, only to find that she was in after having plunged through the skylight screen on top of a sleeping child!

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Heather said...

Yay! You're back! Now keep it up!